Impresora automática MP12

Impresora automática MP12

Con unidad de carga y descarga de producto 2 dispositivos de tapado con control de torque y posicionamiento para impresión. Velocidad mecánica máxima de 100 piezas por minuto.

Características técnicas estándar


  • 12-station rotating turret with indexing movement mounted on a base frame suitable for installation of a selection of accessories
  • Control of all machine functions and accessories installed by a PLC with digital Bus Field system
  • Speed variator with 3-phase motor and electronic control of number of revolutions by means of an inverter
  • Microprocessor complete with tube-detecting photocell and fault indicator, controls the various functions of the machines as well as of the accessories that can be selected from the following list. It is necessary to bear in mind that it is not possible to exceed the 12 stations currently available on the machine


Información técnica

  •                     maximum mechanical speed: 100 pieces/minute
  •                     minimum and maximum diameter of containers: 15 – 60 mm
  •                     minimum and maximum height of containers: 50 – 220 mm



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